wearable-chairRemember the Ostrich Pillow that we talked about a couple of years ago, so much so that it proved to be quite a hit among our readers (and the Internet in general), that it managed to garner enough attention to be crowdfunded via Kickstarter to finally roll off the production lines somewhere? Well, here is another potential idea that is just as quirky, although it might result in some folks freaking out when they see you wearing the Human Chair.


The Human Chair is basically the design of artist Jamie Isenstein, where you can wear this piece of art. The whole idea of slipping on the chair itself like a regular costume, where your legs will function as the chair’s front legs while your arms that are protruded from the holes where the chair’s arms ought to be complete the creepy look. It is not for sale actually, but who knows? It might eventually be commissioned as an actual product that the masses can part their hard earned money with. Definitely a winner in our books where Halloween costumes are concerned.

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