lightsaber-knitting-needleI am not quite sure where to start with something such as the Lightsaber Knitting Needles. I guess you could say that these are elegant tools for the quick of hands to churn out a far more civilized scarf in this day and age where factories roll out scarves like nobody’s business, churning them out by the hundreds of thousands in a single day, looking all the same with a dash of different colors thrown in for a bit of variety. Well, you might not want to bring the Lightsaber Knitting Needles with you on your next flight, since it might get you into trouble with TSA officers who had an issue with a lightsaber cane as we reported earlier.

The Lightsaber Knitting Needles would definitely be the ideal gift for any self-respecting Star Wars fan who loves knitting, and it would be even cooler if the final scarf would end up featuring Star Wars characters or logos to complete the entire experience. It should be strong enough to withstand any Force Choke around your neck, this.

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