As someone who travels often to various press events, meetings and conventions, I can tell you how annoying it is to have to worry about where my headphones are at all times. There’s nothing worse than trying to make my way to a meeting and needing to pop out one of my earbuds because someone needs to be rescued from a burning building. That’s why Rich Lee is a genius in my eyes as he went ahead and had a pair of headphones implanted in his ears.

Well – technically they’re not in his ears. The headphones Lee had implanted are located in his tragus, which is that little stiff bit of cartilage that sits in front of your ear canal. And they’re not technically earbuds, as they’re really small magnets that function like an earbud by transmitting audio signals through a coil Lee wears around his neck which creates a magnetic field, which results in the implants vibrating to produce sounds.

We have a feeling Lee here was the kind of kid who would be told not to listen to his headphones while he ate dinner with his parents. Now that he’s an adult, it looks like he finally showed his parents that he can do whatever he wants, even going as far as implanting magnets in his friggin ear flaps.

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