man-ringThe next time your man’s birthday is coming up, and you have absolutely run out of ideas on what to get him in order to carve a smile on his face, how about settling for something that is off the beaten path – like this Man Ring over here? After all, a little bit of bling bling never really hurt anyone, and the Man Ring comes across as a utility ring which was specially designed by Bruce Boone, sporting an assortment of compact and useful tools within. Crafted from aerospace-grade titanium, it might not be on the same level as The Mandarin’s magic rings, and neither is it forged out of mystical uru, at the very least, it will be able to help you open up a bottle whenever the thirst strikes you, and it also packs a straight blade that will be able to help you cut things up, while a serrated blade comes in handy for tougher items such as nylon strapping or sealed packages.

Heck, there is also a small comb just in case you need a quick comb-over after the wind has done a number on your hair before a big appointment. The Man Ring will cost you $385 a pop if you decide to purchase one over on Etsy.

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