We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors recently regarding a 41 megapixel camera touting smartphone called the Nokia EOS. We’ve seen purported pictures of this device being leaked from production lines, as well as pictures of an alleged ‘working’ model running Windows Phone 8. Nokia has already sent out invites to the media for an event on July 11 where it will apparently released a new product which many believe is going to be the EOS smartphone. This device has now reportedly been passed by the FCC, which brings it a substantial step closer to launch, it it is being launched that is.

The unit that is mentioned in FCC filings carrying the Nokia RM-877 codename. It has AT&T compatible LTE bands, quadband GSM and EDGE, dualband Wi-Fi, pentaband HSPA+ and WCDMA, Bluetooth and NFC. The device is 130.35mm x 71.4mm, making it a bit taller and wider than the recently released Lumia 925.A wireless charging cover has also been tested, which hints that perhaps this capability might be available through optional covers for the EOS, like it is for the Lumia 925. The device has been tested with something called a “camera grip,” which lends ear to the speculation that Nokia’s 41 megapixel Windows Phone smartphone is just around the corner.

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