rapiroDo you sometimes wish that you have one of those robotic assistants to follow you around? Tony Stark has JARVIS, while Jor-El has Kelex and Kelor to to provide the relevant information as and when required. Since most of us are neither super-beings, nor playboy, genius philanthropists, we will have to make do with what we have at the moment, with small joys such as the Rapiro Robot Kit coming along from time to time, letting you build your own pint-sized automaton assistant along the way.

The Rapiro is short for (RAspberry PI RObot), being an affordable, customizable, and easy to build robot which will run on Arduino software. There is a dozen servos in total, and Rapiro is able to walk, has the ability to grab small objects, and even turn its head and waist. Rapiro developer Shota Ishiwatari intends to have it function as more than a mere toy, however, as it will be able to hook up to a Wi-Fi device in order to receive Facebook, Twitter, or email notifications. Heck, if you decide to attach a camera module, Rapiro can even double up as a visual recording device that would never raise the suspicions of anyone at home. Rapiro is currently a Kickstarter project that had already met its funding goals, so we should be able to see it arrive on store shelves soon.

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