scrooserRemember when you were a kid, and getting a bicycle was one of the biggest dreams you had, so that you need not walk down the street any more to get to your friend’s house, but rather, you could just cycle down in a jiffy? Growing up, the motorcycle was next, and cruising along with that smug look on your face while the wind is beating back against your hair is another unforgettable feeling. A Kickstarter project that needs to raise $120,00 in 20 days’ time (having already picked up a quarter of that amount) is now making its rounds online, where the final electric two-wheeler is known as the Scrooser.


Best described as an “urban mobility solution for the environmentally conscious individual”, the Scrooser will definitely earn you curious looks, as it comes across in a sexy and efficient design. It is said that if you were to ride in Eco mode, the Scrooser’s single battery charge is able to last for up to 25 days within an urban environment. You do not need a license nor a permit to ride this puppy, and it could end up being one of the more revolutionary urban people movers to cover short distances if it makes the cut big time. With German engineering spearheading this effort, I myself am tempted to drop some serious coin on the Scrooser.

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