microsoft-xbox-one-live-tvLast week we reported that according to a listing on Amazon Germany, Microsoft’s upcoming console, the Xbox One, was tentatively priced at 599 EUR. Well if you’d rather not pre-order the console from Amazon, another retailer in the UK, ASDA, has opened up pre-orders for the Xbox One themselves. Unfortunately if you were hoping to see if the 599 EUR price tag would be corroborated by ASDA’s listing, you’re out of luck as the retailer has simply asked that interested parties pay a small fee of 20 GBP to reserve the Xbox One for themselves upon its release. The release date is also a bit sketchy since Microsoft did not state when the console would be making its way into the eager hands of gamers around the world, but hopefully they will have more to share during their E3 conference. In any case for our readers in the UK who would like to pre-order the console, head on over to ASDA’s website for the details.

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