Late last year it was rumored that Yahoo was working on a “Gmail-like” web mail interface for Yahoo Mail. Indeed it was, just one month after that rumor came up, Yahoo announced the brand new Yahoo! Mail. Since then the company had left it up to the users to decide whether they wanted the new interface or the “classic” interface. Not any more, starting 3rd June, every Yahoo Mail user have to upgrade to the new interface.

Those who don’t want to upgrade will have to stop using the service altogether or use it through IMAP, but there’s no going back to the “classic” interface now. The new interface brings with it a new terms of service agreement and privacy policy that users will have to agree to before they can proceed. The new terms give Yahoo permission to scan and analyze “all incoming and outgoing communications sent and received from your account.” Some data is collected and stored so that Yahoo can provide personally relevant content to users as well as match and serve targeted ads. Emails have already been sent out to Yahoo Mail users prompting them of the compulsory update.

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