If I were you, I would not want to mess with a certain Patrick Priebe. After all, Priebe was the person behind the custom Iron Man gauntlet, and he is obviously an old hand when it comes to churning out cool looking laser props. This time around, Patrick Priebe took a look at his workshop and decided that the materials there are more than enough for him to clobber together a gatling gun. Not just any other kind of gatling gun, but rather, a laser gatling gun, now how about that?

Having churned one out as a prototype, Priebe’s laser gatling gun was specially crafted from aluminum, where half a dozen blue Arctic laser modules would function as his choice of ammunition. Not only that, Priebe also threw into the mix a 100mW Krypton laser that ought to come in handy where aiming is concerned, and you can check out the DIY laser gatling gun in action in the video above, where balloons are its natural target. It is rather comforting to know that this unique DIY project will not come with any instructions for you to build one of your own, as it might not be safe in the wrong hands.

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