holovisionHolograms have always fascinated humankind ever since the idea of it was shown off in a science fiction movie. In fact, who would not want to have a holographic representation of the other person on the line appear in front of you whenever you take a call? It would be so cool, and even cooler when you have a human-sized hologram to play around with. HoloVision could pave the way to such a future, where this Kickstarter project claims to deliver a free-floating, life-sized image that will hover eight feet from its projector, clearly making good ol’ R2-D2 obsolete with his rendition of Princess Leia.

Bear in mind that the Holovision effort, despite being life-sized, would not be able to interact with you or another person since all images projected cannot turn “physical” so to speak, leaving such imaginations to the fanciful world of Star Trek and its Holodeck. In order to make HoloVision a reality, the company behind the idea, Provision 3D Media, is keeping its fingers crossed to raise a whopping $950,000, and will you make your own contribution so that it ends up as a reality?

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