Here in the U.S., you don’t see many people driving scooters as the only people who tend to drive them around here are delivery people or Europeans who recently moved to the U.S. But if you live outside of the U.S., we’re sure scooters are quite popular in your region, especially in Asian countries. 

Japan’s Terra Motors is introducing its new A4000i electric scooter, which can reach top speeds of 40mph and travel a total of 40 miles on a full charge. If used to travel a total of 12 miles per day, which should cover the distance of traveling to and from work for most people, the scooter will cost just $29 per year to run. One of the coolest features of the A4000i electric scooter is the fact you can use your iPhone as its dashboard.

When you connect your iPhone to the electric scooter, you’ll be able to see your current speed as well as the scooter’s remaining battery charge via your iPhone. The battery display even resembles the battery meter users see when they charge their device in iOS, although the battery charge image is blue instead of green. If you’re worried your iPhone will go flying around while your making your way through traffic, the Ai4000i has a small compartment for your device to sit in.

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