Microsoft and Nokia are partnering up once again, but this time, it isn’t for a new Windows Phone 8 Lumia device, but instead, it’s to help you to share your music through a streaming playlist with your friends, co-workers and anyone else you deem important enough to share your musical taste with.


Nokia Music Mix Party may not have the catchiest of product names, but what it does is actually pretty neat as you’ll first need to own an Xbox 360 and be an Xbox Live Gold membership in order to use the service. Once you meet those two requirements, you’ll be able to visit the Mix Party website on your Xbox 360 that will start an artist-based streaming playlist. Those who are attending your totally outrageous party can scan a custom QR code to vote which artist you want played next. Hopefully your party is filled with people who have good taste in music, or you can be spending your entire shindig listening to Björk.

The Nokia Music Mix Party service will be free to use during July, although we’re unsure if Microsoft will begin to charge for the service, that is, if they plan to charge for it at all.

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