The cameras on our smartphones are getting better with each release, although lately it seems that companies such as Samsung and Nokia have gone the extra mile in releasing phones where the emphasis is placed on the camera, making it seem more like a device that is a camera with phone capabilities, rather than a phone with camera capabilities. In any case Apple’s iPhone 5’s camera is no slouch, but how does it hold up against Nokia’s latest handset, the aluminum-clad Lumia 925? Well a video has been uploaded onto YouTube recently where it basically pits the Lumia 925’s camera against the iPhone 5 in taking Full HD 1080p video.

Based on what we can see in the video, the Lumia 925 is the clear winner with better color reproduction and it also appears to capture details a bit better. Of course there are other reasons for purchasing a particular phone, but if the camera is your number one priority, you should probably check out the video above to decide if the iPhone 5’s video quality is something you can live with, or if the Lumia 925’s quality is the clear choice for you.

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