outlook-annA year ago, Microsoft launched Outlook.com, the spanking new email service that also saw the ouster of the long serving Hotmail (with some missing emails in tow). Sure, anything new would require one to get used to it, but thankfully, the learning curve of adjusting to Outlook.com from Hotmail did not prove to be a steep one for most. Apart from a changed user experience, Outlook.com also came with a slew of new features as well as integration with other Microsoft products (sounds like a page out of Google, no?). Since then, Microsoft did do their bit to roll out updates to the Outlook.com service over the past year, ranging from fixes to improvements that have been highlighted in consumer feedback. In fact, we are looking a whopping 600 additions, changes and improvements that were packaged in 34 feature releases in the past year alone.


Well, Microsoft’s Dick Craddock did note that “the average number of monthly feedback submissions for Outlook.com is about 50 times what we received with Hotmail.” Are you happy with your Outlook.com experience so far? [Outlook.com Blog]

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