Have you ever wished that you could combine two games into one? Such as playing Skyrim with features and abilities from your character in Dishonored? If you thought that was a pipe dream, think again because thanks to this Skyrim mod called Gifts of the Outsider, it basically brings six abilities from the Dishonored game into Skyrim. Created by Madrilous, the mod will see the incorporation of abilities such as Blink, Void Gaze, Devouring Swarm, Possession, Wind Blast, and Bend Time. Given how Dishonored featured some pretty unique abilities, it definitely sounds like it could shake up your Skyrim experience and bring something new to the game, especially if you have “completed” it or have gotten bored. The mod can be downloaded via NexusMods so head on over for the download! In the meantime if you’re wondering what exactly will you be getting into, you can check out the video above which shows the mod in action.

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