There is a first time for everything, even for a flying car. In fact, this road legal ride known as the Terrafugia Transition has finally took to the skies in public for the first time, making a milestone in its journey to arrive in garages (or should it be, a hangar instead?). It is said that the Terrafugia Transition took off and experienced a smooth flight, circling around the airfield for the public audience. Of course, getting up into the air is one thing, but how about landing? The low-speed landing happened without much drama at all, where all four wheels on the flying car touched the ground simultaneously. After landing, the pilot (or driver by then, since he is on the ground) parked for a minute before wowing the audience with its motorized self-folding wings.

The motorized self-folding wings are a crucial feature that should not fail at all, otherwise you would end up in a tight spot as you cannot drive on the streets. Bear in mind that the Terrafugia Transition that was shown off in the video happened to be the second of three generations of prototypes, so there is still some time left for Terrafugia to iron out whatever kinks that there are within. With an estimated price point of $279,000 when it rolls out in 2015 at best, it is definitely not cheap, but the Journal Sentinel claims that more than 100 people have already placed a reservation for the ride.

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