Google Street View – never leave home without it. We do know that the Street View team has already covered many thousands of square miles across the earth, so much so that they have also done walkabouts on two particular buildings which signify the old and modern times – the Eiffel Tower and the Burj Khalifa. Well, this time around, how about taking a trip throughout the Land of the Rising Sun? Granted, it is an extremely fast trip, but you can do so without leaving the La-Z-Boy chair that you so love. Check out the special Google Street View movie that you can watch from the source link, where it boasts of footage across Japan, starting from the most northern tip of mainland Japan all the way down to the south.


This movie was made possible thanks to a group who call themselves “takram”, where it relies on an altered Google Street View tool named Hyperlapse. It is through Hyperlapse that a trip across Japan is completed, and the completed product has been divided into several sections so that you can zero in on the area that you are interested in. We have put up the Hokkaido video above just for reference.

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