bb-xbox-oneThere are some electrical items in your home that you tend to keep powered on round the clock, and they tend to last for years and years without spoiling, such as a refrigerator or one of those electric hotpots. I am sure that many of us do leave our modems and routers on throughout the day and night, too. How about gaming consoles?


Eurogamer has reported that sources from within Microsoft shared that the recently revealed Xbox One, touted by analysts to sell out and experience shortages at launch, was specially designed to last for 10 years at the minimum – and in fact, was quoted as saying that you can leave the Xbox One powered on throughout the entire 10 years, and it will still run fine and dandy. Of course, with a hardware design that allows it to be always on, it runs at a quiet level with low power states to ensure that its longevity will live up to its claim. While it is not likely that most people would leave their Xbox One turned on all the time, to hear that it was designed in such a way to last so long is comforting. Now, all we need to do is confirm this bit of news 10 years down the road after the Xbox One has been released.

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