xboxone-apartThe celebrated Xbox One console from Microsoft has not yet been released, and looks set to be a hot ticket item this coming holiday season, but it does seem as though someone, somewhere, has managed to grab hold of one of these upcoming Xbox One controllers, and the natural tendency would be to rip it apart (nicely) and show off its innards to all and sundry. This is a somewhat primal instinct in us humans, don’t you think so? We love parading the “conquered” – be they people or objects. Chances are the person who tore apart this Xbox One controller hails from China, considering how China is the manufacturing hub of the world.

In fact, the site that shared the image above claimed that the controller hailed from the port city of Dongguan, China. Too bad the numerous Chinese ideograms have obscured the circuit board details within the Xbox One controller. We would have liked to see far more about the alleged Xbox One controller actually. What we do know about Xbox One accessories so far is this – it will bring along third party peripheral support by the time the console hits the market.

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