nexus-5-leakedWord on the street is that LG could be making the next Nexus device despite earlier claims and rumors. While we’re waiting for an announcement to be made, the folks at TechTastic have published a photo which they are claiming is that of the LG Nexus 5 handset, or whatever the device will be called upon its release. The image doesn’t really tell us much, although the LG logo on the back of the device does point at it being a LG device, although exactly what model we are looking at is a complete mystery. According to TechTastic, the image above is supposedly that of a tester device and a description of the device apparently reads “Nxs5”, which we guess it doesn’t take much to figure out that it could mean “Nexus 5”.

Based on what we can see of the device, the back portion of the handset is removable, suggesting a removable battery which is in contrast to the Nexus 4. According to the rumors, the Nexus 5 is supposedly somewhat loosely based on the LG G2 albeit with some specifications changed, and last we heard it could see a release in October hinting that an announcement should be made soon. In any case take it with a grain of salt for now but we’ll definitely keep our eyes peeled for more Nexus 5 information in the future.

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