lg-nexus5Just a few days ago, we brought you yet another edition of rumors concerning the Nexus 5 which is said to be manufactured by the folks over at LG. Vietnamese rumor site Tinhte might have something more concrete to add to the situation, where they have leaked out details that the Nexus 5 could very well arrive later this October, which is a further “confirmation” of a rumor that dates all the way back to March. Hmmm, a rumor confirming a rumor? That’s rich. We would like to advise our readers to take all rumors in with a pinch of salt, of course.

Apparently, the alleged Nexus 5 by LG will be based loosely on the recently unveiled LG G2 flagship model, which means it should share some key characteristics from the LG G2 such as its 5.2” Full HD display in addition to a quad-core 2.26GHz Snapdragon 800 processor and a glass back like the Nexus 4 After all, it was also leaked by Tinhte that LG dropped $1.5 billion on a couple of Vietnamese factories, which were the very same factories that previous hands-on videos of prototypes and shipping models were first captured. Do you think that the Nexus 5 will be able to do better than its predecessor by the time it hits the market?

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