bmw-i8-ggWhile convergence technology has certainly made its way into our smartphones over the years (your handset can now do a whole lot more than what it could originally, no?), how about seeing some smartphone-associated technology being used in vehicles? BMW has decided to include scratch-resistant Gorilla Glass into their BMW i8, which would mean this is going to be the first production car that will include the use of this chemically hardened material. Gorilla Glass is said to be more durable, lighter and offers additional sound deadening compared to conventional laminated automotive glass.

Do bear in mind that Gorilla Glass will not end up replacing your windshields – at least not in the immediate future, but Autoweek reported that BMW mentioned they will be using Gorilla Glass for the rear window in order to reduce the amount of external sound coming in. Needless to say, the Gorilla Glass used will still be laminated, where it will come with a couple of 0.7mm thin layers sandwiching an acoustic sheet. What other kinds of application from the smartphone world would you like to see thrown into the world of automobiles?

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