Firefox 23 was launched today, Mozilla has added a new feature that caters to the social aspect of browsing the internet. Recently Mozilla had announced Firefox social integration partners which included Facebook, Cliqz, Mixi and msnNow. They’ve now added an integrated share button in the browser’s toolbar which allows users to share interesting content directly from Firefox. It only works with Cliqz or Facebook Messenger for Firefox right now. Users will also be able to share content either through private message or email.

Mozilla says that more services will soon feature support for the integrated share button, it says that other websites will start supporting its social API soon as well. Mozilla says that there is endless potential for integration of social services related to music, sports, news, finance and even e-mail. It looks forward to integrating more social sites, services and apps into Firefox. Making a web browser “social,” can be a slippery slope, take the infamous Rockmelt web browser for example, which has recently been acquired by Yahoo. Their social web browser wasn’t exactly able to generate a substantial user base. There is a difference though, Rockmelt’s selling point was its social features, whereas Mozilla is providing new social features to a rigid user base that appreciates its web browser.

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