When we talk about video games and Microsoft, one of the enduring images or names would be Halo that defined the Xbox, marking Microsoft’s first foray into the video game console market. Well, Microsoft has certainly come a long way since the early Xbox days, and you could say that Halo: Spartan Assault happens to be Microsoft’s attempt in delivering the popular intellectual property of theirs to the mobile device platform. Having already sold millions of copies on consoles as well as on the PC, the Halo series garnered its fair share of fans, and as more titles roll out, this fan base is set to grow even further.

Halo: Spartan Assault happens to be available on Windows Phone 8, although it was previously restricted in the US to just Verizon Wireless customers via a 30-day exclusivity deal. We are glad to say that this particular deal is no more, which means all Windows Phone 8 devices with the relevant amount of processing muscle are able to handle this title without requiring you to be a Verizon Wireless customer. Would you be picking up this particular title for your Windows Phone 8 powered smartphone, or do you think that you would much rather stick to the console versions of Halo? It can be downloaded from Windows Phone Store for $6.99, and needs Windows Phone 8 and 1GB RAM to run, although it is speculated that an update for 512MB devices should be in the pipeline.

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