Oracle CEO Larry Ellison Speaks At Oracle OpenWorld 2012

Many have associated Apple with innovativeness, although there are some who feel that the innovativeness came largely from the company’s late co-founder, Steve Jobs, and while Tim Cook is not a bad leader, there are some who hold pessimistic views about the future of Apple under Cook’s leadership, and Oracle’s Larry Ellison is one of them. Speaking to Charlie Rose on CBS This Morning in an interview, Ellison shared his somewhat pessimistic outlook on the future of Apple.

According to Ellison, “We saw, we conducted an experiment […] I mean, it’s been done. We saw Apple with Steve Jobs, we saw Apple without Steve Jobs, we saw Apple with Steve Jobs, and now we’re gonna see Apple without Steve Jobs,” referring to the time when Jobs was kicked out of Apple in favor of John Sculley, who became the CEO of Apple for a while. While Apple is certainly not doing badly for itself at the moment, there are some who feel that the company has lost its innovative spark and there have been reports where the company’s board of directors are pressuring Tim Cook to be more innovative.

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