nokia-logoIt was not too long ago when we did hear whispers that the future tablet from Nokia has been given the codename “Bandit”, where additional details concerning it point to the Bandit being a Windows RT tablet. Well, a brand new leak has just appeared that points to not one, two, or three – but seven different product codenames, which could translate to some rather extensive plans to roll out additional Windows-powered devices, or there is also the possibility of having too many names throw people off the right trail.

@evleaks were the ones behind this particular leak (somehow, we are not surprised by this), and apart from “Bandit”, the other six names would be “Lanai, Orion, Pegasus, Rivendell, Shorty, Siruis”. “Rivendell” is not some place where you will find fair-skinned and tall elves, but rather, it could be a reference to another product that was spotted in the past with the codename “Rivendale”. Considering the rather similar sounding names, it could very well be the same device. Of course, it would have been a whole lot nicer if there were actually photos to go along with the codename leaks, but I am quite sure that this would not be too far off from the horizon.

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