uk-hologramHolograms are an extremely interesting segment of technology which could be pursued further for more practical applications in real life, and while we have seen our fair share of holograms in science fiction movies, the real world is still lagging behind in such technology. However, advances have been made in the past, and now, a branch of the U.K. government intends to streamline select customer service functions, and have decided to introduce an automated visual assistant that can be considered to be a hologram of sorts. This ‘hologram’ is actually a digital assistant that is represented by an actress on a screen, and has been programmed to be accompanied by a set menu of answers in anticipation of various prompts.

I guess you can call this the first step to what Jor-El’s lifelike hologram was to Kal-El in Man of Steel. The virtual assistant happens to be projected on a “see-through screen”, although revealed images point otherwise – as the image has been spotted to appear on a normal flatscreen display. Voice prompts and touch screen functionality would enable visitors to make their choice from a range of menus as they attempt to find their way around the government facility. Do you prefer your holograms to come in the male or female gender, or it does not matter to you?

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