Google is known to add a number of easter eggs throughout a number of its properties, especially to its YouTube website. In the past, we’ve seen YouTube get in on the Harlem Shake craze as well as adopt Unix as its OS of choice. Another easter egg has been discovered during YouTube’s Geek Week, and it’s one we’re sure many self-proclaimed geeks will enjoy.

The latest easter egg allows users to play a full game of Missile Command while browsing the site. The process is fairly simple as well as all the user would need to do is type “1980” while viewing a YouTube video, but be sure you don’t type it in the search bar as you’ll just need to type it on the page itself.

The whole point of the game is to “save” the video that’s being played from getting damaged. Take too much damage and the video will start to crack, as you can see above. If you completely lose the game, then your video will become destroyed and you’ll be unable to play it. That is, unless you refresh the page, you cheater.

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