A YouTube user Jackson Carter did do the Xbox One loving community a favor earlier today, where he posted up a video which is as long as two minutes, touting that it depicted a working Xbox One. After flashing the console itself but for a moment and the controller as part of the “proof” required, he then proceeded to focus strongly on the user interface. The alleged Xbox One beta dashboard’s user interface depicted a layout that Windows 8 users would be familiar with – full of tiles.


So far, it remains to be seen just where this particular console hailed from, but the narrator in the video did mention that he was unable to access other beta games just yet. Of course, a leak of this magnitude would definitely draw conspiracy theorists out of their shells, with a debate raging on as to whether this would be legitimate or not, with the other million dollar question mark hanging over their heads as to whether this is intentional or otherwise. While the original video is no longer available on YouTube, the Internet being what it is tends to have a backup squirreled away…somewhere, so enjoy the video above while it is still around!

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