google-glass-batteryAs it stands Google Glass is only available in the US, and when it launches, it is expected to be made available in the US market first. However in the meantime it looks like Google is getting ready to lay some groundwork which would help the company roll out Google Glass to regions such as Europe in the future. Recently a team of six of Google’s Moonshot team made their way to Brussels where they introduced Glass to several journalists and lawmakers, and they are also expected to head off to Cologne, Germany, and then Paris.

Naturally with Glass being able to take photos and videos of others without being obvious, there were some privacy concerns with the gadget and the team made sure to address them. They attempted to pitch the device as a navigational tool where one can find their way from one location to another without having to keep checking their phone or use physical maps, or maybe even take a photo of a car who might have knocked someone off their bike, essentially tools that are useful and beneficial as opposed to more voyeuristic purposes.

Will this angle help convince European lawmakers that Glass is a legitimate tool and not one that will invade privacy? We expect Google has a fair bit of convincing to do because even back home, there are several establishments that have since announced that they would be banning Google Glass from being used whilst on their premises.

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