htc-op4e2xxIt was not too long ago that a couple of devices which were better known by their model numbers, the HTC 0P4E200 and HTC 0P4E230, picked up the necessary Wi-Fi certification. Apparently, there is a similar device but one that will arrive in a different variant that has also picked up the very same Bluetooth Certification, where it will be known as the HTC 0P4E220 instead. It does seem as though the HTC 0P4E220 will be one of the variant models that will eventually make its way to Europe as well as the North American market.


There is one big and major question mark that looms over the horizon – just what is the HTC 0P4E220 all about? The simple and easy answer would be to say that this is an Android-powered smartphone, but considering how the hardware specifications remain a mystery to the rest of the world, it could end up being a phablet or tablet for all we know. As with most mysteries in the tech world, there is but one sure remedy to settle those excitable nerves – through the practice of a long forgotten virtue, patience, and eventually, sister time will reveal everything needed to know on an official basis to the masses.

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