surface2-patentWe do know that Microsoft has already started to work on a next generation Surface tablet, calling it the Surface 2, but here we are with a new patent application from Microsoft that redefines the new hinge. This particular patent will allow the surface hinge to stop at not one, but two locations – which means there are a couple of “stops” that enables the Surface 2 to be propped up at different angles. Other than this “exposition” of the patent filing based on the sketches, it remains to be seen just what will the name of the new device be called – will it be known as the Surface Pro 2 or the Surface RT 2, or would a simple Surface 2 suffice?

One thing is for sure though, the new hinge would deliver something new and different to the masses, and hopefully this time around, Microsoft’s next generation Surface tablet will be able to deliver something different to the masses. As to whether this new device will be a success or yet another flop remains to be seen, but Microsoft rarely makes the same mistake twice – take a look at their Xbox system, it was a huge failure in Japan the first time around, but fared better as the Xbox 360 in the second generation, although it still lagged far behind the PS3 and Wii then, it did very well in other markets.

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