The NBA has announced that it is going to install motion tracking cameras this season in all arenas. This is being done to provide fans, players and coaches with improved stats and data. NBA is using Stats’ SportVU motion tracking system, which basically uses a six camera setup to collect various types of data. All 30 NBA teams will use the system to calibrate and measure movements of all players and the ball on the court.

For targeted and detailed analysis of both teams and players, the system will generate a continuous stream of data that’s based on factors such as ball possession, player separation, speed, and distance. The data will be used by NBA Game Time app, and NBA TV to provide fans with detailed breakdown of every game and to enchance the statistics that the league currently offers. The algorithms that are used to collect data will constantly be refined, they’re already able to identify certain plays as well as defensive rotations. Previously only 15 teams were using this technology, so the database wasn’t comprehensive. Now, the data about every team and every player will be collected every night, thus enabling the NBA to offer a more comprehensive database to both teams and fans alike.

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