stir-standing-kinetic-deskSo far, we have read research papers as well as medical advice that informs those of us who are slaves to a desk job to get up once in a while and take a walk. It is good for the body, and will also help prolong your days here on earth. Hence, companies have been working to deliver standing desks that require you to be in an upright position, but that would also mean you will need to take a seat from time to time. Just how do you know that, when you are too engrossed in your work? This is where the Stir Kinetic Desk comes in handy, where it is said to be a thermostat-powered, touchscreen-enabled piece of office furniture which will literally ask you to sit down when it is time to do so.

Thanks to the integrated thermal sensor which will be able to tell automatically just when you are ready to start cracking at work. It will also go ahead to record your individual standing and sitting patterns, which will be processed to the number of calories burned, in addition to how long you have been sitting down or standing up. A 4.3-inch color touchscreen display has been thrown into the mix, right in the lower left corner. Not only that, the Kinectic Desk boasts of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity so that it can synchronize to fitness and wellness apps. Why not set physical goals for yourself while you work? The Kinetic Desk allows you to do so, such as standing for 25% of the day, or to let the desk move lower or higher to encourage a change in position. Of course, the asking price of $3,890 is probably not something most of us can afford, so this remains the domain of the rich and famous.

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