Now here is a desk which intends to promote better posture and comfort especially for those who sit in front of the desk all day long. Thanks to Bill Stumpf and Jeff Weber who designed the Envelop Desk, it was specially designed to help you, your chair, your desk, and technology all collaborate in harmony together. The Envelop Desk basically injects harmony between you and your workspace, where it will merge a sleek, simple look with ergonomics. At first glance, it does not look as though it has much tech and thought put into it, but when you peel past the superficial layers of thought, you might just realize that this is the ultimate gear for hardcore tech users and gamers where a work chair is concerned.

With a sliding, flexible support structure, it will envelop your body whenever you work, encouraging movement in the process. Not only that, this desk will offer an ideal alignment of a user’s eyes and posture with their monitor, delivering optimal ergonomic comfort. You will also work in a deep, natural recline, and since the Envelop Desk is made out of recyclable materials, you can be sure that your “green” conscience won’t be disturbed.

It won’t come cheap at all though, retailing for $960 a pop. That’s crazy expensive!

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