chatonsam7-272There are a plethora of messaging apps that users can choose from these days, although back in the day, BlackBerry’s BBM did reign supreme, but it looks like with the decline of BlackBerry, BBM might have taken a bit of a hit too, which might explain why they are now so eager to go cross-platform, and not to mention how Samsung’s own messenger app, ChatON, has finally overtaken BBM in terms of users. According to an announcement made by Samsung, the South Korean tech giant appears to be pretty pleased with itself as they have revealed that ChatON now plays home to more than 100 million users across a variety of platforms that the app is available on.

According to Samsung, “The service provides a seamless experience where users can access ChatON through PCs, Samsung feature phones, and all the major smart phone operating systems: Android, iOS, BlackBerry and Windows Phone.” With ChatON now boasting over 100 million users, this puts them about 25 million users ahead of BBM, although it’s still a far way from other apps such as Viber, WhatsApp, and Line, but still pretty impressive nonetheless. Do you guys think BBM will catchup once it releases on iOS and Android?

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