Now here is something that might eventually make the jump from the world of science fiction to our reality. Remember how Tony Stark and his Iron Man suits made plenty of geeks drool in the movies? Well, a real life Iron Man suit might actually be in the pipeline, as the U.S. Army has already commissioned a kind of suit known as the Tactical Assault Light Operator Suit (TALOS), where it is strong enough to be able to take in a barrage of bullets without the person wearing the suit ending up as a bloody mess.

The whole reason for the TALOS project was to offer its Special Operation Forces with enhanced mobility, protection and surveillance abilities. This particular suit should see a combination of nanotechnology alongside the endurance of Kevlar in order to deliver what they deem as the ultimate suit of body armor. Such an idea was more or less inspired by the work of MIT professor Gareth McKinley, who has been researching liquid armor for more than a decade already, and this liquid armor will theoretically be able to change from liquid form to solid in just milliseconds. Watch the video of the TALOS armor in action above – at least, theoretically speaking.

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