What if Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark had their real life counterparts? Would the world be a whole lot different? The world of fiction might have come together, thanks to a dedicated Iron Man fan who has managed to recreate the Iron Man helmet thanks the help of a 3D printer, of course. What makes this particular Iron Man helmet all the more special is the fact that it can open or close with but a simple nod, now how about that for some semblance of high tech thrown into the mix?

The man behind this 3D printed Iron Man mask is Ryan Brooks, who has actually gone ahead to call himself “the real Tony Stark.” He is definitely not wet behind the ears when it comes to churning out Iron Man paraphernalia, as a couple of years ago, he has already worked on an Iron Man suit which would eventually fold up into a briefcase-sized form factor, looking like some sort of armor that was squashed by the Hulk. The clever implementation of an Arduino Pro Mini and an Adafruit accelerometer has made this unique helmet possible, and depending on how you nod, the faceplate of the helmet would open or close.

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