ps4-hrdware-large6While the Nintendo Wii U is technically considered next-gen, it does not appear to be in the race at the moment, leaving Sony and Microsoft to battle it out head-to-head with the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One respectively. In any case since neither console has yet to be released, we won’t know how well it would sell yet, but according to Wedbush Securities analyst, Michael Pachter, he believes that the Sony PS4 will outsell the Xbox One, mostly due to the fact that the PS4 is priced $100 cheaper than the Xbox One, amongst other factors. However Pachter goes on to claim that despite this, it does not matter because in 10 years’ time, he believes that consoles will eventually be rendered irrelevant.


Pachter has been quoted as saying, “I don’t think the console market will get any bigger […] The console installed base has peaked. Consoles may not be relevant in 10 years. We have expanded the market beyond the hardcore console owner. We now have ten times the audience over the internet, six times the audience over mobile. And I think one day you’ll get to play any game, anywhere on any device.” He goes on to state the he believes the PS4 will sell anywhere between 100-120 million units in its lifetime, the Xbox One will see 90-110 million units, will the Nintendo Wii U will trail far behind with 30 million lifetime units.

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