admode-d3We knew that Diablo 3 would be getting an expansion in the form of the Reaper of Souls. There were some details shared during the original announcement and yesterday’s leaked trailer gave us a bit more insight to the game, and now that BlizzCon 2013 is going on, Blizzard has shared some details about some of the game’s new modes, namely Adventure Mode.


As it stands Diablo 3 could be considered a grind fest and there is pretty much only one mode, which is where players play through all of the acts, from normal to inferno difficulty mode. Once all modes are complete, players are essentially free to do whatever they want, which usually results in grinding and farming for items. Adventure mode is hoping to take some monotony out of the game by unlocking all way points in the game and essentially letting players jump to whichever act or area they choose.

According to Blizzard, these modes can be accessed anytime, along with the various difficulty levels, but of course we expect gamers who aren’t geared enough to have a tough time playing inferno when they have yet to complete nightmare. The modes can be easily switched around, so players will be able to jump between campaign and adventure mode whenever they like.

Along with Adventure Mode, there are also Bounties, which are randomized objectives (in a way we could look at Bounties as side quests), and Nephalem Rifts, which are randomized dungeons that players can run through in 10-15 minutes, sort of like an instance in World of Warcraft. These modes sound pretty promising, but we have to wait and see if this will be enough to make up for what the game lacks and what the critics are complaining about.

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