cameraless-photoNEC Corp. has managed to come up with a system which is capable of accurately detecting the shapes and movements of people as well as objects, where it uses weak radio waves. Just how does it work? It relies on a sheet-like sensor as well as analysis technology that was specially developed by NEC, where it is capable of detecting the entrance and exit of a person – all without using a camera. The company itself expects the system to promptly detect unexpected incidents without having to go through the ignominy of a privacy invasion in public facilities and other areas.

This will definitely come in handy when it comes to monitoring the elderly and other security related services without having to involve issues of privacy and the ilk. The sheet-like sensor will emit weak radio waves from its surface, where it detects the state of footprints among others, based on unstable radio waves and their intensity difference. The sensor’s thickness measures just several millimeters, but it is one tough cookie since it can be used in a place where many people walk. In fact, it can just be placed on a floor, or to embed it within. The analysis technology will read data that has been collected already, where it can then be used to detect the shapes and orientations of soles, apart from the directions in which footprints are moving. This makes it possible to know just what are wheelchairs and guide dogs, apart from movements of normal humans.

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