nexus-10-2013-rumorIt seems that the release dates for the next generation of Google Nexus 10 table (some call it the Nexus 10 2) has been confirmed, where the expected rollout date stands at November 21st at the moment.


The amount of silence from Google before is because of the Play Store, as the Internet search giant wants to improve the Play Store beforehand prior to launching the Nexus 10 2. Well, what are the improvements that one is able to expect to appear on the Play Store?

Google’s announcement did stress on making all of the tablet-optimized apps easier to browse on the Play Store instead of browsing every app without an indication on just which platform it is meant to run on.

It was also reported that Google has also notified Android developers concerning this matter so that they will make a segregation of their respective apps between tablets and smartphones.

If the developer does not take such a step, the created apps will automatically be indicated to see action on smartphones alone. Will the Nexus 10 2 roll out alongside with the Nexus 8? Only time will tell, but we do look forward to see just how the Nexus 10 2 is going to fare in the market when it arrives.Any

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