nokia-bbAs it stands both the BlackBerry and Windows Phone platform are duking it to secure the third spot in the smartphone market, and recently BlackBerry had posted an image on its Twitter page which reads, “If you don’t know who’s got one, you don’t know the right people,” presumably referring to ownership of BlackBerry phones. The message seemed innocent enough, until Nokia decided to respond on Twitter with a barb of their own, saying, “You don’t know who’s got one because everyone has made the #SwitchToLumia”.

Admittedly it does seem a little arrogant of Nokia to post such a response, but we can’t but agree. So far as far as making the news is concerned, BlackBerry has been making the headlines as a company that’s fighting to survive and has recently received a $1 billion injection from Fairfax Financial, as opposed to Nokia who has been coming out with some pretty impressive products, stealing market share, and was recently bought up by Microsoft for a whopping $7.17 billion. Of course who’s to say the situations won’t be reversed next year, or the year after, but what do you guys think? Does Nokia have the right to be this cocky about their position at the moment?

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