With the holiday weekend fast approaching, various companies and retailers have been rushing to make their deals public. There’s bound to be a lot of shopping craze during the weekend, particularly on Black Friday. We’re seeing more and more Black Friday deals being listed with every passing day and Samsung has something that it wants to offer its customers as well. The Korean giant isn’t shaving off hundreds of dollars of its products, rather its going to offer discounted movies through Samsung Hub on Black Friday.

The folks at Sammobile have heard from the company’s PR folks that during the Black Friday weekend, from November 29th to December 2nd, over 50 of the “best movies of the year” will be up for grabs at reduced prices in the Samsung Hub on the company’s TV sets and mobile devices. Its the holiday weekend, people are bound to kick back, relax and perhaps catch up on that hit movie they’ve constantly been hearing about. Prices for the movies are said to be as low as $3.99. Pricing for the titles will be revealed on the first day of the holiday weekend through the Samsung Hub and the Media Hub app on the company’s smart TVs. Though if you’d rather purchase the company’s devices at a steal, I suggest you camp out at your local retailer.

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