When you live in the desert, you would know that water is one precious resource that should not be wasted at all. Needless to say, water conservation is something that is taken seriously in the Middle East, and a startup in Israel known as Woosh Water intends to help conserve water while reducing the amount of plastic consumption. How are they going to do this? Well, through the reinvention of the public drinking fountain, of course, accompanied by a high-tech and networked solution that they have called the Woosh Water Station.

Basically, the Woosh Water Station would enable users to fill up their water bottles over and over again, all the while reducing the consumption of disposable plastic water bottles. This ought to help lower the impact on our landfills in the long run, and of course, it would make perfect sense if you made use of a perfectly good stainless steel water bottle in the first place. The Woosh Water Station works best when you join the network. Upon joining, you would be on the receiving end of a tiny keychain sensor which you can use to login whenever you decide refill your water bottle. Since these stations are networked, it is easy to keep track of just how much water you have consumed, in addition to the number of plastic bottles that you have potentially kept out of the local landfill. Currently, there are five Woosh Water Stations in Tel Aviv, and approximately 12,000 users. [Product Page]

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