xbox-hotelWhat better way to show your love for a product by staying at a hotel that shares the same name, right? While this isn’t the League of Legends restaurant that opened in China, it’s actually better because in this case, this is an official hotel by Microsoft. The hotel has been given the name, the Xbox One Hotel and is similar to the PlayStation 4 apartment launched by Sony last month. This hotel is only temporary as Microsoft gears up to launch their Xbox One console that will be taking place later this month. Unfortunately for those living in the US or other parts of the world that isn’t Paris, you’d be out of luck because it seems that this establishment is limited to Paris, France at the moment.

While it is unclear as to how much a night at the Xbox One Hotel might cost, what you can do in the hotel is play Xbox One games and basically get an idea of what the Xbox One might be like before console sees it launch and decide if going the Microsoft route is a good idea. As it stands the competition between Sony and Microsoft is starting to heat up, especially with both consoles nearing their respective launches, and with these recent PR stunts by both companies, it’s going to be a pretty close race. What do you guys think? Any of our readers in Paris manage to check out the Xbox One Hotel for themselves?

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