When shoppers be shopping, they tend to try on different outfits, poke various mobile devices and smell various vomit-inducing colognes and perfumes. Online shopping is becoming more and more popular though the more online retailers allow you to get a sample of their wares, such as digital books, music and even some applications. You can soon online grocery stores to the list of places where you can sample their goods.

A synthesizer has been developed by researchers at the National University of Singapore that is able to simulate various tastes on your tongue. The way it works is through a simulator which uses a silver electrode placed on the user’s tongue. Once place, the simulator can then stimulate the regions of the tongue responsible for tasting sweet, sour, salty and bitter flavors. Through the use of a combination of varying electrical currents as well as subtle shifts in temperature, a recreation of various flavors can be tasted.

Researchers are also working on an additional product that is sort of like a digital lollipop that will allow the user to experience sweet tastes without having to consume sugar. So if you have a constant sweet tooth, expect there to be an e-lollipop of sorts.

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