ipod_nano_watchface_wrist-800x411We have been hearing a lot of rumors these days surrounding Apple’s own wearable technology, the iWatch. Most of the rumors claim that the watch will see a release in 2014, or to be more specific, the second half of 2014, and according to a recently rumor by Chinese website , C Technology, they are claiming that Apple’s iWatch could debut in October 2014 and will be released alongside Apple’s next-gen iPhone, which we can only assume will be the iPhone 6. The rumor claims that Apple is currently testing two iWatch prototypes of different screen sizes as they are undecided on which size would be better.

The rumor goes on to state that the iWatch will sport a 100mAh battery and will apparently come with wireless charging capabilities that will allow users to charge the device from up to a 100m away! In the past we have seen Apple patents which seems to point at the Cupertino company looking into wireless charging for their products, and recent rumors have even suggested that wireless charging could make its way into Apple’s smartphones. Apple is also reportedly struggling with the battery life of the iWatch which seems to last about 1-2 days. If that is the case, Apple will undoubtedly face the same criticism as Samsung did with the Galaxy Gear whose battery life is also around a day as well.

In any case take it with a grain of salt for now, but what do you guys make of it so far? Would a 1-2 day battery life be acceptable if it could be charged wirelessly? Meaning that you could still use it around the house or office as long as the wireless charger was plugged in nearby?

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