temperfect-mugWhen it comes to the perfect cup of coffee, the temperature cannot be too hot otherwise it would be impossible to drink, and neither can it be too cold because then it’s kind of gross, but unfortunately coffee will get cold, and at times you will get a barista who unfortunately does not know what they are doing when they overheat the milk. Well if you think you know how to brew the perfect cup or know a barista who does a great job, and you would like to prevent your perfect cup of coffee from getting cold too fast, this is a Kickstarter project worth checking out.

Dubbed the Temperfect Mug, this is a mug that supposedly will bring coffee down to the perfect drinking temperature, and will apparently be able to keep it at said temperature for hours on end, and all of this is done is just 2 minutes. According to its creators, the secret to the Temperfect Mug is its insulation material which has the ability to now only draw out excess heat from the drink, but at the same time is able to transfer it back to the drink to maintain its temperature. To top things off, the mug does look pretty sleek and stylish.

It is a great idea for those who love their coffee or tea and want to enjoy it for hours without worrying about it becoming cold and disgusting. As it stands the creators of the Temperfect Mug has managed to raise over $181,000, far exceeding its initial goal of $23,500, so for more information, hit up its Kickstarter page for the details!

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